About 1.618

Strategy + 1.618 = Perfect Wealth

The 1.618 Golden Ratio is the structure for perfect synergy and growth, which is why we have personally adopted this principle as a firm. We implement sound strategies versus short-term tactics to generate long-term wealth and surety for our clients. We aim to aid you in achieving your future goals by customising wealth-building solutions for you and your business.

We pride ourselves in providing a holistic solution for each client. The 1.618 team is made up of highly skilled financial planners, whose objective it is to ensure that you have comprehensive cover in place to protect your family and loved ones. 1.618 Financial Services will conduct a full financial needs analysis, arriving at the perfect number to create the ideal financial solution specific to you. With services in short-term and life insurance, investments and health care products, we are dedicated to ensuring that you reap paramount benefits through our planners’ professionalism.


What’s in a name?

The “Golden Ratio” is a mathematical proportion expressed algebraically as the ratio 1.618. It is found everywhere in music, art, architecture and nature. As a financial services company, we consistently strive to provide a perfect and balanced solution for each client. Utilising our knowledge and industry experience, we aim to execute a perfectly planned and calculated financial strategy that suits your needs.

French composer Claude Debussy used the Golden Ratio in his Reflets dans l’eau musical piece, Mozart divided a significant number of his sonatas into parts which reflect it, Le Corbusier used it in his architecture, and Leonardo da Vinci used it in his exquisite painting, the Mona Lisa. The ancient Greeks used the Golden Ratio in building the Parthenon, and it was utilised by the Egyptians in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in the twentieth century BC. The ratio is evident in the seed patterns within sunflowers, the leaf arrangement of flower petals, and the spiral structure of the nautilus shell, from which our symbol is derived.