The Executive Team

The team consists of a group of dedicated, professional individuals who are committed to service excellence. Directors Candice Giles, Tyrone Hodgson and Stephen Penney work alongside a steadfast administrative team and trustworthy financial planners to provide uncompromising service to all their clients.


Candice Giles – Director of 1.618 Group

At the helm of 1.618 is Candice Giles, who’s sheer determination to be successful in business and life means that she doesn’t accept anything less than excellence.

Candice heads up operations, training and development within 1.618. These are skills which she gained over years of working her way up within Discovery, where she was repeatedly recognized as one of the top ten consultants in the country.

Candice is a believer in creating opportunities, and her journey to leading 1.618, which is one of Discovery’s top associated brokerages is testimony to that. Candice and her brother, Tyrone Hodgson, started 1.618 Financial Services from the need to create, and leave, a phenomenal legacy.
Their partnership is unique in that they have shared the same goals, vision and values from childhood.



Tyrone Hodgson – Director of 1.618 Group

‘It’s not about the products we sell but rather about the plans around it. The product is secondary to the advice. It will always be about offering appropriate advice versus putting the emphasis on what’s available.’

Tyrone is a detail-orientated person with a desire to be valuable in his business relationships so, over the years, he has identified the intrinsic inner-workings of insurance systems. Through keen observation and his passion for learning, Tyrone has saved his clients hundreds of thousands of rands where others had overlooked ambiguities in the system. Tyrone’s approach is always about educating, growing, assisting and encouraging his clients on many levels.

This drive is what has brought Tyrone, and his sister Candice, to head up one of the top three biggest distributing offices that Discovery has to offer. With this position of influence, global reach is a natural evolution as 1.618 secures its place in the financial advisor sector in London.