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Life insurance is about peace of mind. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and information that put you in control.

Our Individual Risk Insurance service ensures financial security for your family when you die. It protects your income if you become disabled. It provides for additional expenses if you become impaired or critically ill.

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A single person will protect his or her lifestyle in ways that are different from those of a married person with children, or someone preparing to retire.
Each phase of life requires different plans and solutions. As we encounter various life events, so do our needs change. We recognise this, and we want to help you plan ahead.

The insurance needs you typically address include:

  • Providing for your family and paying off debt if you die.
  • Protecting your income and paying off debt if you become disabled.
  • Providing for medical expenses and lifestyle adjustments if you become critically ill.
  • Providing for long-term nursing care if you become impaired.
  • Providing for a long but expensive life with a disability or critical illness.
  • Income replacement benefits – catering for existing expenses and debt if you die or become temporarily or permanently disabled.
  • Lifestyle protection benefits – catering for new expenses brought about by a critical illness, impairment or death.
  • The benefits most commonly used to cater for these needs are:
    • Life Insurance Benefits
    • Disability Benefits
    • Critical Illness Benefits
    • Impairment Benefits
    • Future Insurability Benefits

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