Medical Aid and Gap Cover


Medical Aid

Healthcare is an extremely specialised industry. Hospital and healthcare costs are escalating rapidly and the options are daunting, and often difficult to compare and evaluate. We offer professional, experienced service to help you through the process.

So whether you have a company that requires a medical aid scheme for employees, or you are an individual who needs health cover, we help you make sense of the options so that you can make an appropriate and cost effective choice. Our Medical Aid Policies offer great benefits to policy holders. Speak with one of our trained financial planners to find out more.

Gap Cover

Today many people need extra benefits to complement their standard medical aid schemes and to provide for payment of shortfalls and co-payments.

There is a large range of insurance products specifically designed to reduce the financial burden of high medical costs when you or one of your family needs hospitalisation. Considering the low cost of the insurance and the potential benefits, these products are essential and will give you peace of mind when you need it the most – because when it comes to caring for your family, one cannot compromise on providing the best healthcare available.

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